St Tropez Spray Tanning

£16 1 30 mins approx -

A professional spray tan using St Tropez is the fastest, safest and most convenient way to enjoy an even, sun-kissed colour all year round. Avoid skin damage through sun beds or UV rays from sun bathing and keep yourself looking tanned and healthy with an instant and 100% safe St Tropez spray tan.

  • Treatment times are approximately 30 mins
  • Completely safe and non invasive treatment
  • Does not damage or scar the skin in anyway
  • Instant glowing natural looking tan
  • Avoid skin damage and UV rays from Sun Beds and Sun bathing
  • Your therapist can give any tan darkness required
  • Performed by experienced, qualified therapists
  • Your dignity and comfort is respected at all times

Favoured by celebs all over the world, a St Tropez tan is sprayed on to the whole body by trained beauty therapists who can tailor the tan to your specific skin tone and requirements. This uniform application gives the most even, professional looking results without any streaks, blotches or white patches.

St Tropez contains naturally derived, premium tanning agents to give an instant colour which develops over the next few hours to give a deep, long lasting sunless fake tan. No longer worry about looking pale or unhealthy, keep yourself glowing all year round and be the envy of your friends and family!

To ensure the best results, your fully trained therapist will give you a full body exfoliation and targeted moisturising before your tan to prepare your skin and help achieve a golden soft tan. We believe that the perfect preparation gives the best results, making sure that your tan lasts longer and looks better.

When you arrive for your treatment you will be asked to remove your clothing (except underpants - unless you wish to remove these) behind a privacy screen and make yourself comfortable in the St Tropez spray booth. Our treatment room is private and secured. After your treatment we recommend that you try not to bathe or shower for at least 8 hours to give you the best results.

The benefits of a St Tropez Spray Tan include,

  • Instant and natural looking tan
  • 100% safe and causes no damage to the skin
  • Avoid sun beds and UV rays with a fake tan
  • Choose the tan colour you want to be
  • Instant results with long lasting effects
  • Performed by experienced, qualified therapists
  • Your dignity and comfort is respected at all times

Whether it is for a night out, hen party, wedding, holiday, a top-up tan or your first time, a St Tropez spray tan is the ultimate way to get bronzed and beautiful.

We do not recommend any specific courses of treatment for St Tropez Spray tanning but are happy to offer discounts for clients who would like a regular treatment. Many clients have their tan topped up regularly to give that all round glowing look.

Spray Tan Before and After Care Advice

Pre Tan Advice

  • If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergic reactions then we recommend a patch test of the tan approx. 24 hours before your treatment.
  • Remove any unwanted body hair (using a depilatory cream or shaver) before exfoliating and moisturising your skin at least 24 hours before your tan.
  • On the day of your treatment, please shower but do not apply any moisturiser, oil or perfume as they create a barrier to the tan (if you have exceptionally dry skin, apply a small amount of moisturiser well before your appointment).
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing (ideally cotton) and flip flops so that the material doesn't interfere with the developing tan, and your clothes aren't stained.
  • Do not wear any tight fitting jeans / shorts / shoes or light coloured synthetic fabrics.
  • Please bring a hair tie, lip balm, black cotton underwear (if required) and dark flip flops / loose shoes. We are able to provide paper underwear and feet pads if needed free of charge.

On Arrival

  • Use the provided wet wipes to remove any make-up and deodorant.
  • Tie your hair away from your face and neck and cover your hair with a cap.
  • Remove clothes, shoes, contact lenses and jewellery.
  • Your spray tan technician will then apply a barrier cream to your hands, elbows, knees and feet; sticky feet pads will be applied to the soles of your feet.

Post Tan Care and Maintenance

  • Your skin tone will determine the depth of colour that you achieve but it must develop for at least 4 - 8 hours.
  • Avoid contact with water or any activity that could make you sweat for at least 8 hours.
  • Cover your bedding with dark sheets if you want your tan to develop overnight (the tan will wash off natural fibres).
  • After showering, remember to pat rather than rub your skin.
  • Moisturise twice a day and gently exfoliate after 3 days to help the tan fade naturally.
  • Avoid excessive sweating and contact with chlorine to prolong the life of your tan.
  • A spray tan does not contain any SPF so wear an oil free sunscreen every day to prevent sun exposure.
  • Please note that the use of some face masks, anti-ageing and acne treatments, hair removal creams and plasters can affect the results of the treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, please speak with your Nu You Beauty Therapist

St Tropez Spray Tanning is available at the following Nu You Clinics: Bath, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Exeter, Ipswich, Liverpool, Oxford, Norwich, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton, Swindon and Swansea.


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